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Family Dentistry

Family DentistryFamily dentists in Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass and Klamath Falls Oregon offer expert dental service that is designed to help your entire family reach their best potential oral health. We offer our services in a relaxing environment to help keep you or your family member calm. A visit to the dentist does not have to be stressful when you place yourself in our hands. We will treat you with respect and listen to your fears and concerns. We take a lot of pride in our service and we promise you the very best in dental care.

Premier Care Dental offers a wide range of dental services. You may need a filling to repair a cavity or you may need to have a crown. A filling can be done when the decay has not involved the root of the tooth. Fillings are no longer ugly and unsightly; rather they are now natural looking because they are made with porcelain materials that are designed to match your natural teeth color.

If the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth a crown may be recommended. When a crown is applied the tooth is ground down close to the gums. A permanent crown is applied over the tooth to protect the original tooth and the nerve. The crown is usually the same color as your other teeth so it is not detectable as a crown. Only you and your dentist will know that it is not your real tooth.

If you have missing teeth there are a number of options for replacement. A bridge can be used to fill in the gap. A bridge uses two other teeth to attach a replacement tooth and close the gap. The bridge is held in place by the teeth on each side of the gap. Bridges can be fixed or removable. Fixed bridges are permanent and do not come out for cleaning. With normal daily care a bridge can last for many years. Removable bridges can be taken out for cleaning but put quickly back in place when needed.

Family dentists in Ashland, Oregon can also offer you dental implants to replace extracted teeth. Dental implants are placed into the upper or lower jaw bone and provide a permanent solution to missing teeth. Over time the implant will bond to the jaw bone and the implanted tooth will be held securely in place. Implants are made to exactly match your other teeth so they are not detectable when you smile. Many people prefer implants because they are more like having all of their natural teeth.

Of course, family dentists will offer removable partial plates or full dentures for those who wish to go that route. A high quality plate will provide you with a comfortable fit and they will look natural when you smile. They can be removed for cleaning but you can also sleep in them if you so choose. The difference in a satisfied denture customer is one who chooses the right dentist. Family dentists with our firm are committed to providing you with high quality services, including dentures.